Who are we?

Bimi was founded by David van Wachem in 2020. The dutchmen from Amsterdam gathered a team around him. Together they designed, crafted and worked together to develop the Bimi. We work in a diverse team who all share the same passion of giving people an unique feeling of joy

Our mission:
Bimi aspires above all else to deliver efficiency, entertainment, comfort and portability to your home and workspace. We strive to give you the best quality for the best price without having to compromise on limitations. Whether you want to stream movies, give a killer presentation or watch the football game on a rooftop, Bimi allows you to be a part of the next generation of content sharing with style and ease. We strive to give you more portability

Our vision:
As cheesy as it sounds, our ultimate vision is to have our product bring people together. More often than not, our technological gadgets and tools get us further apart as we disconnect from our surroundings. We have seen over the years that people are more on their phone than ever before. Watching content on their own and hide from the group. As millennials, we understand that this entirely apart of our modern lifestyle. But why not connect? Bring people together, not only by watching Netflix with yourself. But invite your friends, be with each other. Why don’t we share our content on a big projected screen and smile together and make our happiness bigger?

Why bimi?
Our portable projector fits the gap by combining old school projects as smart TVs, smart whiteboards and speakers. Bimi is an all-in-one product. Besides just being a portable projector. We incorporate Bluetooth, airplay, Share, HDMI, and USB access. Connect your phone, Laptop, Xbox or PlayStation, mouse or keyboard, and bimi will do the rest. Share movies, play games, give that killer presentation. Be part of the next generation of sharing content.



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