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Bimi is a compact, lightweight, high-resolution, portable smart projector. You can project anything you want into screens or walls. With a maximum diameter of 5 meters, you can make anything a lot bigger. Easily connect Eshare or Airplay to your Bimi. Connect to wifi. Download apps and/or movies on your internal hard drive. Bimi has up to 8GB of memory. Bimi will adjust its brightness and sharpness automatically with its built-in keystone correction.



Bimi has a 3*5W speaker. If this is not enough for your liking, you can connect via Bluetooth or AUX to an external speaker.



Use the remote control to adjust volume, scroll through Netflix or change slides in your Powerpoint presentation. Furthermore, you can use the remote as a computer mouse, much like a Wii remote.



  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Type: DLP
  • Portable: yes
  • Ansi Lumen: 220
  • Battery: 2 Hours
  • system: Android 7.1
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Contrast: 1:10000
  • Keystone: Automatic and manual 
  • Power Supply: AC power adapter
  • Weight: 0.8 Kilograms
  • Tripod attachment: Yes
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 16
  • ports: Hdmi, Usb 1, Usb 2, Aux, AC power supply


Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 9 × 15 cm
High resolution

Mini projector, Mini Beamer

57 reviews for Bimi Projector

  1. Zoe van Walstijn

    I was one of the first customer of the “test batch” and I was stunned by this product!
    I am an entrepreneur myself & I could use it everywhere! A portable beamer for an entrepreneur is a must have!
    Even when I am at home, I started using it! My kids love it .

  2. Pim

    I had one of the first Bimis, I was had a bimi off the test batch. I am very happy with my bimi, I take it everywhere since it is so portable and easy to set up. Features are easy to use. I use it for both entertainment and presenting to customers.

  3. wesly

    I am in love with this product; I would recommend this to everyone who needs to be more portable. The best thing that I like is that it is portable and compact. I take it literally anywhere I go, so I will be with my big screen

  4. wesly

    Love it

  5. Brett Holang

    Stoked with my new bimi, I purchased it to use for presenting at work and have ended up using it at home with the kids for their movies aswell!

    Excellent product and product was delivered within one day!

  6. WRDolder

    Wat een makkelijk te gebruiken beamer. Stelt zich automatisch scherp en koppelt zo makkelijk draadloos met je andere devices. Daardoor heel makkelijk zakelijk te gebruiken, maar ook heerlijk voor ontspannen Netflix of gezellig kinderfilmpjes of Disney+ met de kinderen. Nog steeds met volle plezier in gebruik.

  7. kees

    love the projector

  8. fabiën

    Amazing projector

  9. Jan Manus

    I was thoroughly impressed with the picture quality of the Bimi Projector straight out of the box. It has incredibly rich vibrant colors and a very quick and easy setup. I can confidently claim that it is not only the best projector you can find in this price range but also comparable to 4k projectors in picture quality.

  10. Sem James

    I was really skeptical about buying a projector since I hardly know anything about them. I was assuming the picture quality will be just okay and won’t be very clear or bright but Bimi Projector was a GREAT SURPRISE. When I, for the first time, projected the video against the wall, I was shocked (in good sense) as the picture was crispy clear. It’s like having a huge flat screen installed in my living room and I love it.

  11. Emma Lucas

    I am a very happy user of the Bimi projector. It has excellent picture quality and amazing brightness. I have nothing to compare this projector with but still, I can say it’s awesome. Such a lightweight projector with an abundance of features and utility. Setting it up is as simple as 1-2-3, and here you go! A mesmerizing home theatre experience. One fantastic projector it is!

  12. Noah Finn

    I find it a very good projector for TV, movies, and sports. I’m a sports freak and a movie lover. When I’m free, I’m in front of the TV but Bimi Projector is my new love. It delivers a sharp, crispy image that makes the theatre experience more enjoyable. I recommend it, 10/10!

  13. Willem Langeveld

    Love the projector

  14. Gert engel

    Leuk ding, erg blij mee

  15. Jesse de Boer

    I’m very 100% pleased with this product. I carry it with me on my official assignments. It makes my work look more convincing with its sharp picture quality and vivid colors. It is a quality projector with a reasonable price tag. I connect it with my MacBook Pro and enjoy my work a lot more now.

  16. Thomas de Jong

    Well, I purchased a Bimi projector after doing research and I am not at all disappointed with the selection I made. It is simple to use and the picture quality is just wow. It’s lightweight and portable so I can have my home theater wherever I want. Recommended!

  17. Benjamin Mulder

    Bimi projector is an excellent quality product. I would like to recommend everyone looking for a projector should consider buying this affordable product as it has all features for customer satisfaction.

  18. Lars Bos

    I bought a Bimi projector as a gift for my close friend. Based on my budget I found this product most suitable to be given as a gift as its price is reasonable and it gives excellent value for money. My friend is loving it. We enjoy movie nights together.

  19. Julia de Bruin

    I had to buy a projector for my office, a sales company for which I need a projector to illustrate product features to customers. I wasn’t sure what brand to go for. A friend of mine recommended Bimi Projector and I’m thankful that he did. It is portable and it has all the features which are needed. Makes the products look alluring with excellent picture quality and vivid colors.

  20. Milan van Beek

    I have been using a Bimi projector for the last two years. Even though I took a two years warranty at the time of buying it, during the last two years I have never faced any problem. It is still working like a new one. I want to recommend everyone to buy this product if you are looking for an affordable projector with almost all features any expensive brand offers.

  21. Mees Vos

    We bought this product to watch movies with our friends. We had quite a lot of fun using the Bimi projector as it gave the effect of home cinema during the night. Colors are amazing, connectivity with platforms is simple and easy, and above all, it’s pocket-friendly.

  22. wesly

    great product

  23. wesly

    Happy with it!

  24. Adam Hendriks

    Trust me, the Bimi projector is undoubtedly a top-class product with excellent picture and image quality. You will forget you are watching your favorite movie on a projector and not on a 4K LED TV. It’s a 720p project. Bimi projector is a complete package.

  25. Lars Janssen

    I have used a few projectors during my experience as a salesperson and I have quite a lot of information about them. But this Bimi Projector is a pleasant BIG surprise in a SMALL body. I know for a fact that many projectors don’t have high resolution even though they claim it on the box. But the Bimi projector is an exception. It is the best of a lot in this regard as I found excellent high resolution.

  26. Sophie Peters

    The Bimi projector has brightness which is perfect especially in a rather dim room. Its Android TV feature is amazing for entertainment with many apps. I live in a small apartment, like really small and I don’t have space to install a big LED though I’m a movie freak so this projector is my savior. I will rate this product 10 on 10.

  27. Lucas Brouwer

    Hey there, I usually don’t give reviews but this product compelled me to recommend it. Bimi projector not only gives excellent resolution but also provides the best sound quality. I love to watch movies using this projector and the best feature I found in it that it has great sound quality. Buy it if you want to enjoy a true home theatre experience.

  28. Max Bos

    I am a fun-loving guy who loves to watch movies and TV a lot as a result I sometimes feel stress in my eyes. With a Bimi projector, my eyes feel relaxed and I can watch movies for hours. The product is recommended from my side.

  29. Lucas van Dijik

    The Bimi project will soon wipe out other competitors in the market, I’m sure about it. It has excellent features. It is light and portable and it’s a top-notch device. A user-friendly connectivity feature will make it a household product.

  30. Zoe van Leeuwen

    I want to tell you that the Bimi projector is worth buying based on the features it provides and the price is reasonable too. It’s portable and lightweight and it has excellent picture quality that you can compare with any LED. Such a promising product.

  31. Zoe van Leeuwen

    I recently got engaged to a businessman. My fiancé goes frequently on business trips where he has to give presentations. Well, I bought a Bimi projector as a gift for my future husband which he loved. Thanks, Bimi projector.

  32. wesly

    Super beamer <3

  33. wesly

    like the projector. However, I think I need an extended battery.

  34. Anthony Beekhof

    We live in a joint family and we watch movies and TV shows sitting together as it is family fun. Earlier we used a 55″ LED but it didn’t satisfy us. We purchased a Bimi projector to experience the cinema effect at home and I will like to tell you that we are not disappointed at all.

  35. Arend Berg

    Good features, perfect sound quality, and crispy picture quality, what else you can want from a projector. It can be connected to mobile to watch videos on mobile or YouTube. Bimi projector has made the choice easy and simple. It’s the future home theatre experience.

  36. Berend De Vries

    My friend recommended this product to watch movies. Earlier I didn’t take it seriously but after I bought a Bimi projector my vision has changed. I will recommend all my friends to buy this product as it won’t disappoint you. Lightweight, handy, easy to configure, and just perfect picture and sound effects

  37. Karel Beekhof

    My friend recommended this product to watch movies. Earlier I didn’t take it seriously but after I bought a Bimi projector my vision has changed. I will recommend all my friends to buy this product as it won’t disappoint you. Lightweight, handy, easy to configure, and just perfect picture and sound effects.

  38. Tess Bijl

    I am a housewife and I have 2 hyperactive kids. My kids are fond of playing video games due to which their eyesight is getting weak. I would strongly recommend mothers to buy a Bimi projector instead of a LED to avoid stress in the eyes of their kids thus avoiding weak eyesight.

  39. Evi Citroen

    If you are looking to purchase a very bright projector, Bimi should be next in your cart. It is bright but it gets even brighter when plugged into a power source. The remote control works well. Place it, configure and let the fun begin. It has made my movie nights with my man amazing.

  40. Abella Muller

    By far it’s the best high-quality, portable wireless projector with just AMAZING sound! It is no doubt an excellent purchase, I have made in recent times. I am super proud of buying! It ticks all the boxes for me. I have practically replaced my TV with a Bimi projector! It is super handy to carry around on trips!

  41. Giotto Visser

    Take my words guys, it is a fabulous buy! Especially during covid-19 now that the cinemas are closed. I watch movies with my family every weekend. The picture quality is great, the sound is also really good and it’s easy to configure the projector. Our living room has a white wall so we didn’t buy a screen. 5 Stars for the Bimi projector.

  42. Chiara De Jong

    I like the Bimi projector as it has exceeded my expectations, there are a few improvements needed regarding software but overall it’s an amazing buy. I was unable to configure it with my android device so I called their customer support who are absolutely fantastic. It’s worth the money.

  43. Xander Smit

    I was initially reluctant about spending a lot on a new projector brand. But after a few days of use, I can claim I made the right judgment in purchasing Bimi Projector. It has an amazing picture quality and the sound is excellent. Portability is an important feature too. I will strongly recommend it.

  44. Luis Peters

    The sound and picture quality is great. I used to watch a lot of movies on my LED but since I have bought this Bimi projector, I am not going back to watching TV. Watching movies on this is a treat. Excellent replacement to TV.

  45. Adorjan De Groot

    BEWARE – Bimi will make you wonder why you ever spend hundreds of dollars on buying a TV! I don’t normally write reviews, but this device is outstanding. It works faultlessly indoors and outdoors. Just perfect sound and picture quality. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  46. Gerrit Beek

    What an amazingly compact and lightweight projector it is. Almost half the price of competitor portable projectors in the market, it is a value for money with excellent resolution and 8GB of internal memory. With a built-in speaker and long-range remote control, it has everything one wants in a projector.

  47. Sander Bakker

    I’m a movie freak, I can’t spend a day without watching Netflix. I bought the Bimi projector while it was very new in the market with almost no reviews but I gave it a try and what a wonderful experience it offered. I’m never going back to my TV. With its maximum 5-meter diameter, I can make every movie experience a lot bigger and better. The Bluetooth connectivity with the speaker makes my movie night beyond my expectations every single night.

  48. Luuk Bos

    With all my honesty I didn’t expect much from the Bimi projector. It’s unrealistic to ask from a $479 projector to do wonders but Bimi surprised me. With its cinema-quality bright and sharp resolution, it has my heart. It’s a wonderful “movie night” projector. Works just perfectly in a very dark room. Don’t be a pixel snob. Overall a good package.

  49. Noud Jansen

    Compatible with all European applications, Bimi is just perfect for me. 2 hours of battery is good for a single movie outdoors and resolution is the biggest plus. I’m totally amazed at its picture quality. What better you can expect from a portable mini projector, 1920*1080 is way too much. I’m absolutely in love with this mini compact projector. Give it a try guys.

  50. Adorjan Martin

    If you are a movie freak or your profession demands using a projector frequently, do consider using The Bimi projector. It’s a little powerful projector with all the features you can expect from a high-end full-fledged projector. Resolution: ✔️, ANSI lumen: ✔️, contrast: ✔️, battery: ✔️, price: ✔️. Best value for money.

  51. Baptiste Rodríguez

    I bought this Bimi projector to arrange a surprise wedding anniversary party. Connecting it to the laptop, I managed to project the lovely memories from our wedding day and vacations together and let everyone enjoy and celebrate our beautiful moments. Thanks to the outstanding brightness, we all had an amazing watch. I have even tested it under stress by keeping the room a little bit bright and Bimi still seems to maintain image quality. But definitely, it performed wat better in the pitch dark. All I can say is, I am certainly satisfied with the purchase. Great product, highly recommended!

  52. Adelmo Evans

    Great mini projector! I bought it almost a month ago, and since I’m a salesperson and use it almost daily, I have used it more than 20 times. It’s perfect for outdoor movie nights with friends as well. My kids loved it too while we used it on a camping trip. I’ve been recommending this portable and affordable projector to everyone around! So handy to use it! The picture quality is just great!

  53. Peitro Philips

    I must say that I was hesitant to buy this new projector in the market. Not many reviews were available to gauge the performance but instill bought it. And thank God I did. Initially, the price tag attracted me, and luckily I am not at all disappointed, indeed I’m very much happy and satisfied! It exceeded my expectations by a mile! Lightweight, portable, good resolution, excellent contrast, perfect sound quality, and reasonable battery, I can’t ask more from a relatively cheap projector.

  54. Casper Hansen

    I really love this mini projector. Bimi really knows how to satisfy clients. I got it to have some entertainment movie nights on weekends with my family. My kids love it when they see their favorite Tom and Jerry on a big scale. The picture is definitely up to the mark. Even with some exterior light on, the picture is still quite vibrant and clear. It works well for outdoor parties too. I believe you should buy it and have an equally great experience with this little thing.

  55. Linus Johanssen

    Recently I shifted to a small apartment with limited space. Although I went to the market intending to buy a small TV to fit in my not-so-big living room, this Bimi projector grabbed my attention. It was way cheaper than the LED and a space saver, so I chose to buy it. Even with few lights on, you will still be able to see the picture, although, the darker the better. The speakers are good. The picture quality is as good as any television and portability is the plus.

  56. Eden Martin

    I just received the Bimi projector yesterday and not sure about all the potential yet but have watched my first movies and I must say I didn’t expect this type of quality picture and resolution. It was a wow experience. Both picture and sound quality are fantastic! Even without a blackout, the picture was bright and clear and the colors were vivid. Although the sound was a little low for me so I easily connected the speaker via Bluetooth. 9/10!

  57. Florian Korhonen

    I have wanted to buy a projector for a long time. After searching a lot and looking at many projectors and comparing their specification and price tags, I chose Bimi. It is the best I could buy at this price and loaded features. I am VERY satisfied with this purchase. Honestly, I did not expect it to be so amazing. It is a tiny but loaded projector, the image is crystal clear, totally adjustable as you want. It is simple to use; I didn’t even read the instruction manual before configuring it. The battery is a little small but still, it’s a win-win purchase.

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